Stakeholder feedback

On reception of the feedback on Curriculum from various stakeholders, it is analysed in the respective departments and attainable suggestions are given due consideration while framing the syllabi.

Student Feedback

IQAC has developed a student feedback proforma for collecting feedback from the students. The feedback collected assists in the revision of the curriculum.

Staff Feedback

Teacher’s feedback is collected by every department, in the feedback proforma for further action and changes. The questionnaire comprises parameters related to the Depth of the Course Content, CBCS pattern/ Elective/ NME/ Part–V Activities, Relevance of the syllabi to the needs of the society, syllabi in terms of promoting human values, skills required for competitive examinations and research interest. The staff are encouraged to offer suggestions or observations to improve the above facets.

Alumni Feedback

Our alumni feedback is valuable for us as it provides us the inputs regarding improvement in facilities and employability of our students. The questionnaire is designed to get feedback of alumni regarding the depth of the course content, their role in revising the syllabus, relevance of the syllabi to real life situations and skill development, learning value, library, CBCS pattern/ Elective/ NME/ Part–V Activities and Examination system. Furthermore, the alumni are asked to offer their valuable suggestions or observations to improve the teaching-learning process in the Alumni Association Meetings organized regularly.

Employer Feedback

IQAC has developed an employer feedback proforma. The feedback is collected from their employers about the alumni and their curriculum learnt. The suggestions and requirements of the employers related to the curriculum are incorporated during the revision of the syllabus.